Positions BOM PTSO

Every year a group of dedicated volunteers agree to serve as members of the PTSO Board of Managers.  These positions are elected during the May General PTSO meeting.  Nomination/Interest Forms for these positions are typically released just before Spring Break, with the forms due back the week after Spring Break.  

Listed below are brief job descriptions for each position on the Board of Managers.  There are many opportunities to volunteer outside of the Board of Managers.

CHS PTSO Board of Managers

Job Descriptions


Please note that these descriptions are only an overview of responsibilities.  Detailed job descriptions are found in the CHS PTSO Bylaws and Standing Rules.  Job descriptions can change as needed and decided upon by the CHS PTSO Board of Managers throughout the year.



§  Preside at all meetings of CHSPTSO;

§  Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except Nominating and Audit;

§  Be a designated signatory on checks;

§  Coordinate the work of officers and committees;

§  Work with the Principal of CHS to oversee PTSO projects within the school;

§  Work with the executive board to collect court fees.


§  Record minutes of all meetings of the CHSPTSO and distribute BOM minutes within one week after the meeting for approval;

§  Be a designated signatory on checks;

§  Create “PTSO Welcome Packets” for the school to have on hand to give to new families throughout the year;

§  Work with executive board to collect court fees.


§  Have custody of all funds of the CHSPTSO;

§  Keep an accurate account of receipts and expenditures and make disbursements as authorized;

§  Present a financial statement at every meeting of the CHS PTSO and as requested;

§  Present proposed budget at a general membership meeting no later than October;

§  Be a designated signatory on checks;

§  Ensure all checks are signed by two bonded officers;

§  Ensure all insurance policies are renewed;

§  File necessary information with the IRS;

§  Work with executive board to collect court fees.


§  Assist the President in the development of PTSO programs for the school year;

§  Arrange for special speakers for general meetings with board approval;

§  Arrange thank you notes and/or gifts for speakers;

§  Make sure all arrangements for facility usage for are planned for general meetings;

§  Perform the duties of President in the absence or inability of the President to act;

§  Work with the school to organize an event for all families new to CHS;

§  Prepare and distribute the Teacher of the Year flyer, organize the selection process, and order the plaque for presentation;

§  Prepare and distribute student PTSO Scholarship information, organize the selections process, and present scholarships at CHS Award Night;

§  Work with the executive board to collect fees.


§  Work with the VP Membership Incentives and Rewards to conduct membership campaign to begin the start of the school year and continue throughout the year;

§  Maintain an accurate list of all members of the association;

§  Distribute membership verification to association members.


§  Maintain an email bank to distribute information to CHS families as necessary;

§  Maintain the CHS PTSO web page, FaceBook page, and Twitter account;

§  Serve as the PTSO liaison to the Project Graduation Committee.


§  Work with the CHS PTSO Board of Managers to create the CHS PTSO DragonNews newsletter;

§  By July, establish and distribute deadline dates for article submissions for upcoming year and adhere to such schedule with emphasis on summer newsletter reaching student homes prior to August registration.


§  Establish and work with a committee to arrange any areas of hospitality as requested by the PTSO board or other departments of the school.  These include but are not limited to:

o   Freshman Frenzy

o   Welcome Back Faculty meal

o   College Fair

o   Parent/Teacher Conference Day Meals

o   End of Year Appreciation Luncheon

o   Principals’ Luncheon

o   Guidance Luncheon.


§  As requested, coordinate the effort of parent volunteers with the appropriate chairman when volunteers are needed for programs and activities;

§  Send thank you cards to volunteers at the end of the school year;

§  Secure volunteers as requested by school, including, but not limited to:  Attendance office, Copy room, Guidance, Registration/enrollment verification, Freshman Frenzy, Project Graduation.


§  Keep the CHS PTSO informed of any local, state, or national legislative action and information that pertains to our school and children’s education;

§  Attend CS BOE meetings and secure a replacement when unable to attend.


§  Keep the Town of Collierville and CHS families informed through news releases in the local newspaper, The Commercial Appeal and CHS Channel 19;

§  Give notice of general PTSO meetings and events to the membership;

§  Maintain the PTSO Bulletin Board at CHS;

§  Prepare an annual scrapbook depicting a written and pictorial record of the CHS PTSO projects, activities and events for the year.


§  Work with VP Membership Records to conduct membership campaign to begin at start of the year and run throughout the year;

§  Coordinate school events to promote/encourage PTSO membership;

§  Organize student incentives as planned by the Board of Managers;

§  Solicit area businesses for sponsorships and donations as needed and ensure appropriate recognition and appreciation is expressed to donors and sponsors, which will include, but not be limited to, a written thank you note.

10th VP Teacher Morale

§  Work with the VP Hospitality and CHS administration to design and implement programs to increase teacher morale.  VP Teacher Morale is primarily involved with creating incentive for individuals whereas the VP Hospitality organizes the larger scale large group events.

§  Teacher Birthday Treats

§  Teacher Attendance Awards

§  Other Monthly Incentive Awards as requested by CHS administration